Yarson Dark Set

Yarson Dark Set

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WF Limitless – Yarsons Dark Set 6 x 30ml

The World Famous Limitless Yarson’s Dark Set was created in collaboration with black and grey realism expert Yarson.
This 6 bottle set contains three greywashes, a black, white, and a shading solution.
Designed to heal perfectly in dark tone tattoos.

Contains the following colours:

  • Charcoal Greywash
  • Dark Greywash
  • Midtone Greywash
  • Obsidian Black
  • Straight White
  • Thick Shading Solution

Experience the brilliance of super high pigment content and flawless flow rate; how the ink effortlessly penetrates the skin with minimal damage, ensuring a swift healing process.
Some key qualities of the limitless inks:

  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan friendly (contains no animal products)
  • Better for immunity and health
  • Minimized chance of rejection and damage
  • Safer for skin, more reliable
  • Longer lasting ink and vibrancy
  • REACH Compliant
  • Made in USA

Embrace limitless possibilities with WF Limitless – Yarsons Dark Set

Want to know more about the REACH Regulations?
Click here for additional info and the World Famous Limitless data sheets

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